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Pan Taper Holder, 10"

Pan Taper Holder, 10 inch

Item: G46231
Price: $ 4.29
Our Cupboard Pan Candle holder is a great way to display battery operated candles on a hutch or cupboard door. This wire holder has a hook at the top so you can hang it easily. The spiraled black metal holder with fluted pan is 11" high. We actually like to use our Mini Led Tapers with this holder, it really shows off the 4" candle perfectly. The taper shown is not included.

Cupboard Pan Candleholder, 12"

Cupboard Pan Candleholder, 12"
Item: G46232
Rusty Spiral Taper Hanger

Rusty Spiral Taper Hanger
Item: G31809
4" Burnt Ivory LED  Taper

4" Burnt Ivory LED Taper
Item: G84019
Sale $2.95
4" Cinnamon LED Taper

4" Burnt Mustard LED Taper
Item: G84018
Sale $2.95
Black Spiral Hanger,  Small

Black Spiral Hanger, 3.5"
Item: G46246
Black Spiral Candle Stand

Black Spiral Candle Stand
Item: G46247
^^Flower Taper Holder Antique Silver

Flower Taper Holder Antique Silver
Item: G321813
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