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Rusty Spiral Taper Hanger

Rusty Spiral Taper Hanger

Item: G31809
Price: $ 2.89
Our Rusty Wire Candle Hanger has a square-topped wire hanger which fits easily over most cabinet doors or drawers. The spiral holder at the base fits LED or standard tapers. It is 12-1/2" long, the candle holder has a 1-1/4" diameter.

Burnt Ivory LED Taper, 6"

6" Burnt Ivory LED Taper
Item: G84001
Pan Taper Holder, 10"

Pan Taper Holder, 10 inch
Item: G46231
Wreath & Candle Holder

Wreath & Candle Holder (2 pieces)
Item: G46157
^6" Cinnamon LED Taper

6" Burnt Mustard LED Taper
Item: G84002
6" Burnt Mustard Drip Timer

6" Burnt Mustard Drip Timer Taper
Item: G84052
Burnt Ivory LED Taper, 9"

9" Burnt Ivory LED Taper
Item: G84005
Black Spiral Hanger,  Small

Black Spiral Hanger, 3.5"
Item: G46246
Spiral Candle Hanger

Spiral Candle Hanger
Item: G31815
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