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Cupboard Pan Candleholder, 12"

Cupboard Pan Candleholder, 12"

Item: G46232
Price: $ 4.29
Add a touch of light to your cabinet door with our Cupboard Pan Candle Holder! It has a square-topped black wire hook that will fit easily over most doors. The spiral holder has a textured matte black distressed finish and will hold LED or standard tapers. It is 12" long and the candle base is 1-1/4" in diameter. Designed to hold most LED tapers, those with very thick wax coatings, may be scratched or damaged if they are forced into holder. Look below for links to LED's that will fit with no problem.

Pan Taper Holder, 10"

Pan Taper Holder, 10 inch
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Spiral Candle Hanger

Spiral Candle Hanger
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Rusty Spiral Taper Stand

Rusty Spiral Taper Stand
Item: G31810
^^Burnt Ivory Timer Taper, 6"

6" Burnt Ivory Timer Taper
Item: G84021
Sale $5.95
Burnt Ivory LED Taper, 6"

6" Burnt Ivory LED Taper
Item: G84001
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Rust Silicone Taper, 7"

*Rust Silicone Taper, 7"
Item: G620402
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