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Mini Mustard Drip  Timer

Mini Burnt Mustard Drip Timer Votive

Item: G84068
Price: $ 4.50
 New Burnt Mustard Mini Drip Pillar Timer has a weathered and burnt look you will adore. When lit, it flickers realistically from within from a glowing wick. It is 1½" tall and 1½" in diameter. The timer will turn it on for 6 hours at the same time each day and then off for 18. It comes with two AG-13 batteries (item # M84020). You will find a link to replacement batteries below as well as other styles of LED lighting.

Mini  Ivory Drip Votive - Timer

Mini Burnt Ivory Drip Timer Votive
Item: G84067
LED Votive - Burnt Mustard

Burn Mustard LED Votive
Item: G84050
Burnt Mustard Timer Pillar, 2.5"

Burnt Mustard Timer Pillar, 2.75" H x 2.25" Dia.
Item: G84045
Batteries AG13, 8 Pkg

8/Pkg, AG13 Batteries
Item: M84020
Platinum Pip Ring w/Stars

Platinum Pip Ring w/Stars
Item: FISB58643
Rusty Tealight Holder, 3x6"

Rusty Tealight Holder, 3x6"
Item: G11421T
Flicker Ivory Timer Tealight

Flicker Ivory Timer Tealight
Item: G84352
^^Cinnamon Timer Tealight

Burnt Mustard Timer Tealight
Item: G84037
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