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Penny Leaf Spray, Red, 34"

Item: FYL1070
Price: $ 5.79
The beautiful red-orange leaves of the Penny Leaf Spray adds warmth to your fall floral displays. The spray measures a tall 34” to add height to any display, or creates a great backdrop if you want to lay it across a shelf or mantel. The leaves have a bit of texture, and they are on light green stems.


Penny Leaf Spray, Dark Green, 34"
Item: FYL1066
Eucalyptus Berry Bush, 19"

Eucalyptus Berry Bush, 19"
Item: F91287BU

Bursting Astilbe Bush, 10.5", Plum
Item: FG9295

Bursting Astilbe Bush, 14", Plum
Item: FG9294

Count Blessings Resin Pumpkin
Item: G11974

Rusty Wire Rectangle Basket, 6x4.25
Item: GJHA0637S
Galvanized Mini Toolbox

Galvanized Mini Toolbox
Item: G9633AG

Fall Magnolia Leaves Wreath, 22"
Item: FISB63660

Washed Galvanized Scale Top
Item: G9883GB

Grateful Mason Jar Box Sign
Item: G39004
Willow Basket with Pot

Willow Basket with Pot
Item: GBW8659
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