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Star Lamp Shade

Star Lamp Shade

Item: G11461
Price: $ 7.79
Create a unique light fixture with our Star Lamp Shade! Simply insert your favorite LED candle into a standard-size Mason jar, and rest the Star Lamp Shade on top. The shade is made from distressed black metal and features punched stars all over it. It has a 5" diameter.

Punched Tin Shade w/Cord

Punched Tin Shade w/Cord
Item: G11741
Punched Metal Star Hook

Punched Metal Star Hook
Item: G11785
Small Clear Star Mason Jar

*Small Clear Star Mason Jar
Item: GTGA54926
3" Mustard Timer Pillar

Burnt Mustard Timer Pillar, 3" H x 2" Dia.
Item: G84043

Star Bucket
Item: G11789
Set of 6, Mixed Rag Balls

6/Set, Mixed Rag Balls
Item: G11822

Furry Baby Chick
Item: GTDA87297
Burnt Ivory Timer Tealight

Burnt Ivory Timer Tealight
Item: G84039
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