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Maple Syrup Jar Candle

Maple Syrup Pancakes Papa Jar Candle, 34oz

Item: W11058
Price: $ 28.59
Light the Maple Syrup Jar Candle and fill your home with the sweetest aroma! This 34 oz. candle features the scent of fresh maple syrup, straight from the tap. It is made from clean-burning wax and comes in a glass jar with a black metal lid and homespun fabric tie. The candle will burn for approximately 155 hours.

Gourmet Sugar Cookie Jar Candle, 34 oz

Gourmet Sugar Cookie Papa Jar Candle, 34oz
Item: W11012
Banana Nut Bread Jar Candle, 34 oz

Banana Nut Bread Papa Jar Candle, 34oz
Item: W11014
Aunt Kook's Apple Cider Jar Candle, 34 oz

Aunt Kook's Apple Cider Papa Jar Candle, 34oz
Item: W11016
Butter Maple Syrup Jar Candle, 26 oz.

Buttered Maple Syrup Jar Candle, 26oz
Item: G10114
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