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Enamelware Colander

Enamelware Colander

Item: GM3260
Price: $ 31.89
Our Enamel Colander is a great addition to any country kitchen. You can use it to hold a flower arrangement, a pillar candle or as a side table catch-all. The metal has a white enamel coating with black distressed edges to add to its aged look. This colander is for decorative purposes only. It is 5-1/4" high x 9" in diameter with a 6-1/2" diameter base. Please note the Timer Pillar and both Teastain Daisy pieces listed below are NOT included, but are linked below to complete this look! For decorative use only.

Teastain Daisy & Pip Ring, 3-1/2"

Teastain Daisy & Pip Ring, 3-1/2"
Item: FISB51253
4.5" Mustard Timer Pillar

4.5" Burnt Mustard Timer Pillar
Item: G84033

Lemon Beauty Bush
Item: FV93131SG
Baby Grass Table Piece 7"

Baby's Grass Table Piece 7"
Item: FV97984LG
Teastain Daisy & Pip Wreath, 12"

Teastain Daisy & Pip Wreath, 12"
Item: FISB51252
Mustard Bark Timer Pillar

Mustard Bark Timer Pillar
Item: G84488
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