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Star Wax Melter, Large

Star Wax Melter, Large

Item: GCM34
Price: $ 22.99
Our Star Wax Melter will allow you to enjoy your favorite scented wax or oil to your home. The warming bulb heats the dish to release the fragrance and add a positive mood to any room. There is no open flame or unhealthy smoke.  The 2 piece ceramic warmer is 5-1/2" tall with a 5" diameter. Please use replacement bulb GCMBULB, a 25 watt halogen bulb.

Butter Maple Syrup Wax Crumbles

Buttered Maple Syrup Wax Crumbles
Item: G01743
Black Star Wax Melter

Black Star Nightlight Melter
Item: GCM36
Peach Cobbler Wax Crumbles

Peach Cobbler Wax Crumbles
Item: G01833
Tart Warmer Halogen Bulb - 25w

Tart Warmer Halogen Bulb 25W

Hot Apple Pie Americana Wax Melts
Item: M291
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