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Iron Star Taper Hook

Iron Star Taper Hook

Item: G322115
Price: $ 6.49
The Iron Star Taper Hook is a black iron open 2-1/4" star with a single taper cup, on a bracket that hooks on to any 3/4" thick shelf.  Pre-drilled hole in the back makes mounting easy. A unique accent for a country shelf or windowsill! 5-1/4" x 2-1/4".

Half Taper Holder

Half Taper Holder
Item: G11764
4"  Burnt Ivory LED Timer

4" Burnt Ivory LED Timer Taper
Item: G84035
Star Hook, 4-1/2"

Star Hook, 4-1/2"
Item: G11700A
Courting Taper Holder Blk

Black Metal Courting Taper Holder
Item: G11445B
4" Burnt Ivory Drip Timer

4" Burnt Ivory Drip Timer Taper
Item: G84059
Mustard Star Time Taper  6"

6" Burnt Mustard Star Timer Taper
Item: G84110
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