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3/Set, Natural Round Tobacco Baskets w/Jute Handles

Item: GM10200ABC
Price: $ 59.39
Natural Round Tobacco Baskets with Jute Handles will make a stunning display on your wall or make a stunning centerpiece. These sell as a set of three round baskets made from woven wood strips. Each basket has a natural brown finish and a pair of rustic jute handles. Perfect touch to any farmhouse décor. Small basket measures 12" in diameter by 3¼" high. Medium size is 14½" in diameter by 3¾" high. Large size measures 16" wide by 16¾" deep and 3½" high.


3/Set, Natural Square Tobacco Baskets w/Jute Handles
Item: GM10202ABC

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Farmhouse Tobacco Basket Wall Art
Item: G65091

2/Set, Square Tobacco Baskets
Item: GH17Y3022

2/Set, Gray Rectangle Tobacco Baskets
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Rectangle Tobacco Basket With Handle
Item: GH18Y40401

Square Tobacco Basket With Metal Straps, 22"
Item: GH18Y40404

Black Wire Oval Basket, 8.75x5.75
Item: GJHA0636L

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Item: FISB73132

Vintage Glitter Magnolia Leaves Pick, 20"
Item: FISB73135
Santa Cookie Crumble Jar Candle

Santa's Cookie Crumble Jar Candle 26oz
Item: G10195
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