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Textured Gray Metal Pillar Tray

Item: GMAF94274
Price: $ 15.39
Making a stunning centerpiece with this Textured Gray Metal Pillar Tray for your dining room table or kitchen island. Tray has a textured finish for a rustic, stone-like appearance that is complementary to most decor styles. Measures 8" wide by 3" high with a 4 ¼" wide base. Item is for decorative use only.

Star Timer Pillar, 4.5"

Star Timer Pillar, 4.5"
Item: G84214
Star Timer Pillar, 3-1/2"

Star Timer Pillar, 3-1/2"
Item: G84213
Flag Timer Pillar, Burnt Ivory

Flag Timer Pillar, Burnt Ivory
Item: G84170
Americana Boy Figure

*Americana Boy Figure
Item: GCHD224
Americana Girl Figure

*Americana Girl Figure
Item: GCHD259
Burlap USA Flag, 28"

Burlap USA Flag, 28"
Item: GBF11

Gray Flicker Pillar, 4"
Item: GLAS94431

Gray Flicker Pillar, 3"
Item: GLAS94432

Gray Flicker Pillar, 2.25"
Item: GLAS94433

Aged Galvanized Pedestal
Item: GM9953
Green Pepper Grass Pick, 9"

Baby's Grass Pick, 9" green
Item: F63731LG

Cement Look Timer Pillar, 2.5" x 4"
Item: G84668
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