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Wispy Teardrop,  Old Gold

Pip Berry Wispy Teardrop, Old Gold

Item: FISB71385G
Price: $ 3.29
Our popular Old Gold Wispy Teardrop has antique-look gold pip berries on hand-wrapped wire branches. The branches can be spiraled around a pencil or a finger to get the look you want. It is 10" long and a great look with your country and primitive decor. For indoor use.

Wispy Teardrop, Burg/Gold

Pip Berry Wispy Teardrop, Burgundy and Old Gold
Item: FISB71385BG
Old Gold Pip Pick, 12"

Pip Berry Pick, Old Gold, 12"
Item: FT652G
1.5" Old Gold Mini Pip Ring

1.5" Old Gold Mini Pip Ring
Item: FT2600G
Old Gold Pip & Star Ring, 4"

Pip Berry Ring With Stars, Old Gold, 4"
Item: FT1038G
Old Gold Mini Pip Ring, 1"

Mini Pip Berry Ring, Old Gold, 1"
Item: FISB83600G
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