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Galvanized Metal Grater Taper Holder

Item: G13477
Price: $ 9.99

You are going to love displaying your favorite taper candle in unique farmhouse style with our Galvanized Metal Grater Taper Holder! The metal holder has a punched out pattern that looks just like a classic cheese grater. There is a ⅞" diameter taper candle cup in the center, and a curved handle on the side of the grater. There is plenty of room in the grater to add florals, or pip rings for a look that is all your own! You could even fill it with potpourri or rose hips for an added touch of fragrance. It is 1¾" high by 5½" wide and 3¾" deep, or 4" high if you include the handle.

Burnt Ivory LED Taper, 6"

6" Burnt Ivory LED Taper
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Lemon Beauty Ring

Lemon Beauty Ring
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^^Burnt Ivory Timer Taper, 6"

6" Burnt Ivory Timer Taper
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Cranberry Potpourri, 1/2 lb.

Cranberry Potpourri, 1/2 lb.
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Orange Potpourri, 1/2 lb.

Orange Potpourri, 1/2 lb.
Item: FB123
Rose Hips, 8 ounce

Rose Hips, 8 ounce
1.5" Colonial Mix Pip Ring

Mini Pip Berry Ring, Colonial Mix, 1.5"
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Refreshing Oil, Orange
Item: GB23
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