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Bog Pimpernel Bush, 12"

Item: FV91655
Price: $ 4.39
Bog Pimpernel Bush is a beautiful greenery that looks great in the fall to brighten things up a bit! The 12" high bush is covered in leaves in variegated shades of green, and yellow. Use to make a floral arrangement appear more full and lush, or add into a fall wreath.


Hanging Bog Pimpernel Bush, 34"
Item: FV91656

Bog Pimpernel Garland, 6ft
Item: FV91657

Bog Pimpernel Ring, 4.5" in/14" out
Item: FV91659

Bog Pimpernel Half Sphere, 12"
Item: FV91660

Lemon Beauty Bush
Item: FV93131SG
Peppergrass Spray Med. Green, 14"

Baby's Grass Spray Med. Green, 14"
Item: F90171GN
Green Peppergrass Spray, 14"

Baby's Grass Spray, 14" Green
Item: F90171LG
Red Peppergrass Bush, 21"

Red Baby's Grass Bush, 21"
Item: F90175RD
Mini Maple Leaves with berries floral pick.

Mini Maple & Berries Pick, 14"
Item: FXND2046
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