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Pip Berry Ring, 3.5", Burgundy

Item: FISB13500B
Price: $ 4.19
Give your candles a touch of color with our Burgundy Pip Berry Ring. This Pip Berry Ring in Burgundy features deep burgundy pip berries on a wispy, brown-wrapped floral ring. Measures 3½" inside and 6½" outside diameter.


Pip Berry Ring, 3.5", Burgundy/Gold
Item: FISB13500BG

Pip Berry Ring, 3.5", Pumpkin
Item: FISB13500PU

Pip Berry Ring, 3.5", Red
Item: FISB13500RD

Pip Berry Ring, 3.5", Red/Green
Item: FISB13500RG
Burgundy Pip Garland, 4 ft.

Burgundy Pip Garland, 4 ft.
Item: FT087B
Burgundy Pip & Star Ring, 4"

Pip Berry Ring With Stars, Burgundy, 4"
Item: FT1038B
Burgundy Pip & Star Spray, 24"

Burgundy Pip & Star Spray, 24"
Item: FT600B
Red/Burgundy Pip Pick

Pip Berry Pick, Red and Burgundy, 12"
Item: FT652RB
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