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24/Set, Cream Speckled Eggs

Item: FBR36135
Price: $ 6.59
Our Cream Speckled Eggs are very versatile, they can be used with everyday or spring decor!  Use them as a bowl filler or around the base of an LED pillar candle and more. The foam eggs are a creamy color and feature a speckled finish. You will recieve 12 - 1¼" eggs and 12 - 1½"  eggs, for a total of 24 eggs.

Primitive Eggs, 18/Pkg

18/Pkg, Primitive Eggs
Item: FISB81804
8/Set - Primitive Eggs, 2.5"

4/Set - Primitive Eggs, 2.5"
Item: G32944
24/Set, Brown Speckled Eggs

24/Set, Mixed Brown Speckled Eggs
Item: FBR36133
24/Set, Blue Speckled Eggs

24/Set, Mixed Blue Speckled Eggs
Item: FBR36134
Treenware Egg

Treenware Egg
Item: GH10042
White Resin Egg

White Resin Egg - Sold Individually
Item: GH10171
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