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Lemon Beauty Pick

Item: FV93130SG
Price: $ 2.50
Our Lemon Beauty Pick allows you to add small touches of color and texture to accent country collectibles and seasonal decor. The pick is a combination of greens for a natural look and it will look like you have a green thumb! The pick is approximately 9" high.

Lemon Beauty Ring

Lemon Beauty Ring
Item: F95273SG
Peppergrass Spray Med. Green, 14"

Baby's Grass Spray Med. Green, 14"
Item: F90171GN
Red Pip Pick, 12"

Pip Berry Pick, Red, 12"
Item: FT652R
Red Pepper Grass Pick, 9

Red Baby's Grass Pick, 9"
Item: FV63731RD

Galvanized Metal Tray
Item: GTWA54371

Glass Jar w/ Rope Net
Item: GBB6A852

Metal Wire Basket with Glass Jar - 4"
Item: GQX18120
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