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Tall Willow Basket

Item: GBB6A194
Price: $ 15.19
Nothing quite evokes nostalgia for American heritage than a Tall Willow Basket. Perfect for holding flowers and herbs, this basket can be hung on a door, on a fence post, or it can sit on a counter top to hold kitchen utensils. Measuring 10" tall and about 6" wide with an 8"- long handle, the form factor of this basket is classic and sweet.

Willow Hanging Basket, 6"

Willow Hanging Basket, 6"
Item: GBW9223
Badium Fern Bush Lt Green 15"

Badium Fern Bush Lt Green 15"
Item: FV97932LG

Shabby Chic Ornate Hanging Metal Bird Feeder
Item: G20DN027

Shabby Chic Ornate Metal Mini Bird Bath
Item: G20DN029
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