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Bottle w/ Wire Basket

Item: GQ16283
Price: $ 5.99
Bottle with Wire Basket is perfect for the kitchen counter in your farmhouse!  The glass bottle sits in a rustic chicken wire basket, and the basket has two handles with wooden grips. The glass bottle measures 6½" high and is perfect for florals to create a colorful accent. Basket measures 4" high by 3½" wide.

Seabreeze Pip Pick, 12"

Pip Berry Pick, Seabreeze, 12"
Item: FT652SB

Burgundy Berry Pick w/Stars, 12"
Item: FISB68607
Bottle w/Wire, 7.5"

Bottle w/Wire, 7.5"
Item: GBW8822

Whisper Light Candle Ring, 4.5"
Item: FBR2776

Whisper Light Pick, 15"
Item: FBR2777
Ivory Luminara, 6"

Ivory Luminara, 6"
Item: GLM30601
Sale $36.95

*Welcome Framed Wood Sign w/ Jute
Item: G34390
Sale $3.99

Prickly Pine Pick, Moss Green, 14"
Item: FLM3880MO

6" Prickly Pine Ring, Moss Green
Item: FLM3881
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