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Pete Scarecrow

Item: GCS37038
Retail: $ 21.99
Sale: $ 14.99
Pete Scarecrow is one of the nicest scarecrows you'll ever meet; unfortunately that makes him not too good at his job of scaring crows! Pete is cozying up to three crows that are nestled inside his shirt, each of them have antiqued jingle bell eyes, and bell collars. Pete has a weighted bottom that makes him easy to display on flat surfaces. The rustic scarecrow is wearing a plaid shirt with a burlap pocket that the crows are sitting in, and a burlap hat covers his straw hair. He has primitive stitched facial features, button eyes, and a red fabric nose. A name tag is pinned to his collar with a rusty safety pin. Measures 14" high by 7" wide. Please note: item is intended for decorative purposes only.


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