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Spool Taper Holder - 3-1/2"

Item: G12366
Price: $ 8.50
Place a few of our Spool Taper Holder in the middle of your dining room table. This is a primitive candlestick holder that consists of a fluted metal candle pan atop a wooden, spool-like base. Place it in the center of a table with your favorite taper candle and pip ring to making an easy but stunning display. Holder measures 3½" high by 3½" wide. Taper cup measures ⅞" in diameter.


Spool Taper Holder -4.5"
Item: G12367
Sale $8.99
Black Wine Bottle Taper Holder

Black Wine Bottle Taper Holder
Item: G12356
Half Taper Holder

*Half Taper Holder
Item: G11764
Sale $1.79
Flower Taper Holder Rusty

Flower Taper Holder Rusty
Item: G11444R

*Fluted Tin Taper Holder
Item: GTMX89286
Sale $13.99
Flower Taper Holder, Black

Flower Taper Holder, Black
Item: G8980B
Burnt Ivory 11" LED Taper

11" Burnt Ivory LED Taper
Item: G84009
4" Cinnamon LED Taper

4" Burnt Mustard LED Taper
Item: G84018
Sale $2.95
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