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1821 Jar Candle, 16 oz

1821 Jar Candle, 16oz

Item: GBC25
Price: $ 17.59
Your guests will enjoy the scent of mouth watering creamy caramel and praline in the 1821 Jar Candle! The 16 ounce jar candle has a textured finish with a layer of cheesecloth, a brown paper label, and finsihed with a bit of jute for a primitive look you will love. Made in the USA!

1821 Jar Candle, 8 oz

1821 Jar Candle, 8oz
Item: GBC24
1821 Room Spray

1821 Room Spray
Item: GBC29
1821 Tart

1821 Tart
Item: GBC30
Simpler Thyme Jar Candle, 16oz

Simpler Thyme Jar Candle, 16oz
Item: GBC161
Keeping Room Jar Candle, 16oz

Keeping Room Jar Candle, 16oz
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Sugar Cone Jar Candle, 16 oz

*Sugar Cone Jar Candle, 16oz
Item: GBC3114
Country Cupbord Jar Candle, 16oz

Country Cupboard Jar Candle, 16oz
Item: GBC439
Hillbilly Homebrew Candle, 16 oz

Hillbilly Homebrew Candle, 16oz
Item: GBC470
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