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+Red Gnome Santa Ornament

Red Gnome Santa Ornament

Item: GAD510
Price: $ 6.19
This Red Gnome Santa Ornament is completely adorable, with his tall red santa hat and his fuzzy head! He will make a cute addition to your Christmas tree. The hat has a wire so you can gently bend or twist it just the way you like. He has a pom pom nose and is covered with a fluffy white beard. He is 4¼" to 6" high, depending on how you fix his hat.

Gnome Head

Gnome Head
Item: GM8203
Sitting Gnome

+Sitting Gnome
Item: GM8200
+Chenille Candy Cane Ornament

Chenille Candy Cane Ornament
Item: GFXLR3118

Champagne Pinecone Ornament
Item: GM9033
Belsnickel w/Tree Ornament

Belsnickel w/Tree Ornament
Item: GXMB2725

Santa Head Ornament
Item: GXD17500
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