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Honey Pear Cider Jar Candle, 34 oz.

Honey Pear Cider Papa Jar Candle, 34oz.

Item: W11071
Price: $ 28.59
 The Honey Pear Cider Jar Candle from Keeper of the Light is perfect for fall! Filled with the homey aroma of sweet pear, spicy cinnamon, and Honeycrisp apple cider. It comes with two wicks and burns for approximately 155 hours. It comes with a black metal lid and homespun tie, which should be removed before lighting the candle. The candle is 32 ounces.

Snickerdoodle Jar Candle

Snickerdoodle Papa Jar Candle, 34oz
Item: W11020
Butter Maple Syrup Jar Candle, 26 oz.

Buttered Maple Syrup Jar Candle, 26oz
Item: G10114
Home for the Holidays Jar Candle, 26oz

Home for Holidays Jar Candle, Comforts of Home, 26oz
Item: G26033
Baked Candy Apple Jar Candle

Baked Candy Apple Papa Jar Candle, 34oz
Item: W11103
Aunt Kook's Apple Cider Jar Candle, 34 oz

Aunt Kook's Apple Cider Papa Jar Candle, 34oz
Item: W11016
Aged Mini Riser

Aged Mini Riser
Item: GR400
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