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Black Oval Taper Holder

Black Oval Taper Holder

Item: G12127
Price: $ 4.39
Use a Black Oval Taper Holder to showcase a wax or battery-operated taper! The oval candle holder is made from dark metal and features fluted edges. IT has loop handles on either side and measures 3" tall by 7½" wide with a ¾" taper cup. Fill the base with your favorite bowl filler or a decorative pip ring!

Rusty Oval Taper Holder

Rust & Black Finish Oval Taper Holder
Item: G9549AB
Ruffled Black Taper Holder

Ruffled Black Taper Holder
Item: G11443
Black Flower Taper Holder

Black Flower Taper Holder
Item: G11444B
Burnt Ivory LED Taper, 9"

9" Burnt Ivory LED Taper
Item: G84005
Sale $5.95
1" Coffee Bean Mini Pip Ring

Mini Pip Berry Ring, Coffee Bean Mix, 1"
Item: FISB83600CB
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