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Hot Pepper Butter

Hot Pepper Butter, 8.5 oz

Item: M00840
Price: $ 5.99

Our Hot Pepper Butter is homemade goodness made from Grandma's all natural recipe! A rich, creamy spread made from hot and bell peppers. Stir it into pasta sauce, top your scrambled eggs, spread onto garlic bread & sandwiches for a for a spicy-sweet kick! Blend it with cream cheese and you have a zesty dip that's great for veggies, bagels, chips, and crackers. This sells out almost as fast as we get it in, so be sure to add one to your cart today! Half-pint jar. 
Ingredients include: Hot Peppers (Hungarian & Jalapeño), Bell Peppers, Brown Sugar, Vinegar, Prepared Mustard, Cornstarch, Salt. Click on product image for full nutritional information.

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