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Night Light Kit

Night Light Kit

Item: M101544
Price: $ 3.49
Decorate your own night light with this creative kit. It is ready for your creative decorations, you embellish with resin shapes, suncatchers, seashells and more to match your decor. Or you can use it as is and add a fun bulb that you change with the seasons! It comes with a 5 watt clear bulb and a bracket that clips onto the night light so you can attach your decoration. It uses a 5 watt maximum replacement bulb and it has a polarized safety plug. It has a handy on/off switch located on the front. For indoor use only.

Red Valentine Bulb

Red Valentine Bulb
Item: G0140215
+Pumpkin Face Bulb, 3 Watt

Pumpkin Face Bulb, 3 Watt
Item: G0141030
5W Clear Silicone  Bulbs, 2/Pkg

2/Pkg, 5W Clear Silicone Bulbs
Item: G620117
2/pk, Gold Silicone Light Bulbs, 5W

2/pk, Gold Silicone Light Bulbs, 5W
Item: G620174
Star Silicone Warm Bulb, 3

Star Silicone Warm Bulb, 3"
Santa Bulb, 4 Watt

Santa Bulb, 4 Watt
Item: G0141226
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