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Kitchen  Scent Shots

6/Pkg, Kitchen Scent Shots

Item: M225
Price: $ 6.75
Kitchen Scent Shots include some incredible aromas for your home, everyone will think you have been baking all day! The kitchen set includes the delectable aromas of: Country Berry Hotcakes; Gingerbread Applesauce; Gourmet Sugar Cookie; Mi Mi's Kitchen; Pumpkin Apple Butter and Snickerdoodle. The one ounce scents each  last up to 8 hours, just pop them into a warmer to enjoy. When done you can pour the remaining liquid back into the cup and reseal for later use. There is one of each scent included. Made in the USA.

Spice  Scent Shots

6/Pkg, Spice Scent Shots
Item: M218
Bakery Scent Shots

6/Pkg, Bakery Scent Shots
Item: M209

*6/Pkg, Aromatherapy Scent Shots
Item: M269

Snowman Wax Melter
Item: GCM15

Home Sweet Home Wax Melter
Item: GCM47

6/Pkg, Fall Thyme Scent Shots
Item: M270
Scent Shots Assorted

6/Pkg, Original Scent Shots
Item: M207

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