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Primitive Edison Bulb, 40W

Primitive Edison Bulb, 40W

Item: MTLA54483
Price: $ 9.19
The Primitive Edison Bulb has a squirrel cage filament and will be perfect for rustic bare bulb lamp or pendant light! This is a 40-watt bulb that measures 5¼" high by 3½" wide, it will fit in mason jar lamps. The clear smoky bulb has a standard lightbulb base and a slight tear drop shape at the bulbs tip.

Edison Bulb Strand, 20 Count

*Edison Bulb Strand, 20 Count
Item: G30003297
Vintage Edison Bulb, 40W

*Vintage Edison Bulb, 40W
Item: MCLV112
4-Tier LED Edison Bulb, .09W

*4-Tier LED Edison Bulb, .09W
Item: MCLV116
Sale $12.49
Single Socket Cord

*Single Socket Cord
Item: MCLV121
Round Metal Lampshade

*Round Metal Lampshade
Item: GCLE30399A
Edison Bulb 40 Watt

*Edison Bulb 25 Watt
Item: M620546BULB
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