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3/Set, Rusty Garden Tools, 5.5" H

*3/Set, Rusty Garden Tools, 5.5" H

Item: G655175
Price: $ 2.79
Our Rustic Garden Tools include a shovel, pitchfork and hoe. They are made from wood with rustic metal and can be a cute accent with a doll or bunny! The tools are about 5-1/2" long. 3/Set

Garden Tool Wall Hanger

*Garden Tool Wall Hanger
Item: G12352
*Green Watering Can - 4"

*Green Watering Can - 4"
Item: GV1143F105CMGN
Sale $5.99
Rusty Tin Bucket, 2-1/4"

*Rusty Tin Bucket, 2-1/4"
Item: G650075
Wispy Teardrop,  Seabreeze

Pip Berry Wispy Teardrop, Seabreeze
Item: FISB71385SB

Farmhouse White Barn Star, 5"
Item: G46562

*Blue Divided Pail *
Item: G60172
Sale $19.99

Garden Angels Block
Item: GCZ105
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