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Canning Jar Clip

Canning Jar Clip

Item: G6614190
Price: $ 2.19
The Canning Jar Clip makes it easy to label the contents of your jars! Made from black wire, the clip fits around the mouth of a standard Mason jar and has a curlicue wire arm that holds your label. Simply slip a tag between the curves to label your jars! It measures 2¼" high by 2¾" in diameter.

Clear Mason Jar, 3.5"

Clear Mason Jar, 3.5"
Item: GTGA54929N
Sale $3.99
Black LED Solar Lid

*Black LED Solar Lid
Item: GTMA3100BK
Sale $10.99
^Rusty Mason Jar Taper Holder

Rusty Mason Jar Taper Holder
Item: G11732
Blue Star Jar, Small

*Blue Star Jar, Small
Item: GTGA54926BL
Sale $5.39
Cream Star Jar, Small

Cream Star Jar, Small
Item: GTGA54926CR
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