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Rust & Black Moon - 12"

Rust & Black Finish Moon, 12"

Item: G729212AB
Price: $ 6.99
Our unique Rustic Moon is a great home decor piece! It has black highlighted distressing over a rusty tin finish for a time-worn look. This a fun accent piece that you can use with other country collectibles throughout your home. It is 12" high with a pre-drilled hole at each end so it can be hung at any angle you would like.

Antique Black Barn Star - 8"

Antique Black Barn Star - 8"
Item: G57078BSMY
Rust & Black Barn Star - 8"

Rust & Black Finish Barn Star - 8"
Item: G57078AB
Rust & Black Moon, 8"

Rust & Black Finish Moon, 8"
Item: G72928AB
Rust & Black Moon - 16"

Rust & Black Finish Moon - 16"
Item: G729216AB
Rusty/Galvanized Moon, 16"

Rusty/Galvanized Moon, 16"
Item: G729216AGR1
Moon Ornament, 4/pkg

4/Set, Moon Ornaments
Item: G33359
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