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Willow Basket 2 pc

2/Set, Willow Baskets

Item: GBW8714
Price: $ 24.99
Our Willow Baskets come as a set of two and will make a great addition to your home. Baskets feature single ear handles for wall hanging and have a rustic, warm brown finish. Hang them in your office or entry way to catch mail or simply place your favorite floral in each. Smaller basket measures 8” high by 6½” wide, larger basket measures 10” high by 8½” wide. 

White Washed Willow Basket

Whitewashed Willow Basket
Item: GBW8139
Willow Wall Basket

Willow Wall Basket
Item: GBW8316

Tall Willow Basket
Item: GBB6A194
Willow Wall Basket, 11

Willow Wall Basket, 11" x 13"
Item: GBW8401
Wood Fern Bush, 14"

Wood Fern Bush, 14"
Item: FV981021YLG

Gray Wash Basket, 9"
Item: GBW9465
Rusty Wire Pocket Basket - 8" x 9"

Rusty Wire Pocket Basket - 8" x 9"
Item: GE14196
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