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Star and Berry Boxes, 3/set

3/Set, Star & Berry Boxes

Item: G31461
Price: $ 19.95
Our Stars & Berries Stacked Boxes will provide a classic country touch to your home's decor with their rustic finish. The papier mache nesting box set has a tan base and black lids, and are painted with barn stars and burgundy berries. Each box has a stenciled word: Faith, Family and Friends. Sizes are 3-1/2", 4-1/2" and 5-1/2" square.

2/Set, Burlap Wire Baskets

*2/Set, Burlap Wire Baskets
Item: G11225AB
Burgund/Gold Pip Pick, 12"

Pip Berry Pick, Burgundy and Old Gold, 12"
Item: FT652BG
Burgundy Barn Star, 24"

Burgundy Barn Star, 24"
Item: G570724KRB
Burgundy Whimsical Star, 8"

Burgundy Whimsical Star, 8"
Item: G73458KRB
Teeny Lights, Brown Cord, 35ct

Teeny Lights, Brown Cord, 35ct
Item: MLT353
Burg/Gold  Pip & Star Garland

Pip Berry Garland With Stars, Burgundy and Old Gold, 40"
Item: FT2979BG
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