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Flower Shaped Pip Wreath, 12"

Flower Shaped Pip Wreath, 12"

Item: FISB71311
Price: $ 12.39
Our Burgundy & Old Gold Flower Wreath has burgundy and old gold pip berries on a flower shaped twig wreath. This wispy wreath has a natural look that adds to its simple beauty. These warm and inviting colors are perfect to display all year long! Has a 12" diameter.

Wispy Teardrop, Burg/Gold

Pip Berry Wispy Teardrop, Burgundy and Old Gold
Item: FISB71385BG
Burg/Gold Pip & Star Pick, 12"

Burg/Gold Pip & Star Pick, 12"
Item: FT606BG
Burgundy Pip & Star Garland, 40"

Pip Berry Garland With Stars, Burgundy, 40"
Item: FT2979B
Burgundy/Gold Pip Garland, 4 ft.

Burgundy & Old Gold Pip Garland, 4 ft.
Item: FT087BG
Burgundy/Gold Pip Spray, 27"

*Burgundy/Gold Pip Spray, 27"
Item: FT083BG
Sale $2.95
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