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Rusty/Black  Mug

Rust & Black Finish Tin Mug

Item: G5194AB
Price: $ 4.49
This Rusty Brown/Black Mug has black distressing to give it a true primitive look! We mixed one of our Pumpkin Picks with a Maple & Berries Pick for fall and we love the way it looks. Pair the mug with our other rustic items for a collection of décor items for your home. Made from metal it is 4-1/2" tall and is 4-1/2" wide including the handle. For decorative purposes only.

Pumpkin Pip Berry Pick 12"

Pip Berry Pick, Pumpkin, 12"
Item: FT652PU
Maple & Berries Pick 12"

Maple & Berries Pick 12"
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Rusty Milk Can, 7"

Rust & Black Finish Milk Can, 7"
Item: G2507SAB
Rust/Black Watering Can, 4"

Rust & Black Finish Watering Can, 4"
Item: G1143F105AB

Cream Astible Bush - 10.5"
Item: FTE8502CR
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