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Bunny Mini Stacker

+Bunny Mini Stacker

Item: G57
Price: $ 47.29
Oweathered Bunny Mini Stacker is perfect for celebrating the season. Sit him on your front porch, foyer or living room to delight your guests young and old. The two-box stack with bunny ears is handcrafted by Amanda & John in Pennsylvania, so each stacker will be unique. "Carrots 5¢" is painted on the bottom box next to a 3-D carrot with vine, it is 11-1/2" high x 11-1/2" wide, and 11-1/2" deep. He has a painted face with a 3-D nose and one ear is accented with burlap. When stacked together, the bunny is 29" tall. The 3 piece set is made in the USA.


Happy Spring Bunny Stacker
Item: G18119
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Rusty Bunny & Pips Wreath

Rusty Bunny & Pips Wreath
Item: FISB81552
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