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Peach Cobbler Jar Candle, 26oz

Peach Cobbler Jar Candle, 26oz

Item: G10450
Price: $ 27.49
 Our Peach Jar Candle is scented with baked peaches, cinnamon, and sugar, yummmmm! The highly scented paraffin is made from the finest ingredients available to fill your home with the pleasing aroma of fresh-baked Peach Cobbler. The 26 ounce, clean-burning candle with two lead-free wicks will burn approximately 120 - 140 hours, and its black scent-lock lid is made from Eco-friendly material.

Peach Cobbler Wax Crumbles

Peach Cobbler Wax Crumbles
Item: G01833
*Star Candle Jar Lid

Star Candle Jar Lid
Item: G4418
Bittersweet Wreath, 4"/8"

Bittersweet Wreath, 4"/8"
Item: FT1202
Butter Maple Syrup Jar Candle, 26 oz.

Buttered Maple Syrup Jar Candle, 26oz
Item: G10114
Juicy Apple Jar Candle, 34 oz

Juicy Apple Papa Jar Candle, 34oz
Item: W11008
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