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Mini Pip Berry Ring, Gray & Black, 1"

Item: FISB83600GB
Price: $ 1.49

The Gray and Black Pip Berry Ring looks beautiful when paired with a battery-operated taper candle. It is made up of a mix of slate gray and black pip berries that have been mixed with silk green leaves. The 1” diameter ring has wired pip branches for easy posing and is suitable for year-round display.


Mini Pip Berry Ring, Farmhouse Mix, 1"
Item: FISB83600FH

Pip Berry Ring With Stars, Gray & Black, 2"
Item: FT1039GB

Pip Berry Ring With Stars, Gray & Black, 4"
Item: FT1038GB

Mini Pip Berry Ring, Gray & Black, 1.5"
Item: FT2600GB

Pip Berry Ring, 3.5", Gray & Black
Item: FISB13500GB

Pip Berry Spray, 26", Gray & Black
Item: FISB13600GB

Gray & Black Pip Garland, 4 ft.
Item: FT087GB

Pip Berry Garland With Stars, Gray & Black, 40"
Item: FT2979GB

Gray & Black Pip & Star Spray, 24"
Item: FT600GB

Gray & Black Pip & Star Pick, 12"
Item: FT606GB

Pip Berry Pick, Gray & Black, 12"
Item: FT652GB
^^Burnt Ivory Timer Taper, 6"

6" Burnt Ivory Timer Taper
Item: G84021
Sale $5.95
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