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Vanilla Bean Jar Candle. 26oz

*Vanilla Bean Biscotti Jar Candle. 26oz

Item: G26007
Price: $ 26.39
Combine the essence of sweet vanilla, cinnamon, maple & coconut and you will have the aroma of our Vanilla Bean Biscotti Jar Candle! It is made with a very clean burning, blended paraffin wax allowing for the maximum amount of fragrance. Hand poured in Ohio it comes with a scent lock lid. The 26 ounce candle has a burn time from 120 to 140 hours.

Raspberry Cream Jar Candle, 26oz

Raspberry Creamsicle Jar Candle, 26oz
Item: G26006
Kettle Corn Jar Candle

Kettle Corn Jar Candle, 26oz
Item: G10136
Butter Maple Syrup Jar Candle, 26 oz.

Buttered Maple Syrup Jar Candle, 26oz
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Vanilla Hazelnut Jar Candle, 16oz

Vanilla Hazelnut Jar Candle, 16oz
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Santa Cookie Crumble Jar Candle

Santa's Cookie Crumble Jar Candle 26oz
Item: G10195
Vanilla Hazelnut Reed Diffuser

Vanilla Hazelnut Reed Diffuser
Item: G10142
Sweet Pear Crisp Jar Candle, 26oz

Sweet Pear Crisp Jar Candle, 26oz
Item: G10304
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