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6/Set, Sawyer Mill Charcoal Poultry Jute Coasters

Item: G45806
Price: $ 17.59
These Sawyer Mill Jute Poultry Coasters with a rooster silhouette will give you that country feel you have been looking for! These sell as a set of six and are each printed on one side with a distressed silhouette of a rooster. The reversible coasters have a solid braided jute underside for display versatility. They are made from 100% jute fibers and each measure 4” in diameter. Spot clean only, not machine washable.


6/Set, Sawyer Mill Charcoal Cow Jute Coasters
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Sawyer Mill Charcoal Poultry Trivet, 8"
Item: G34273

Sawyer Mill Charcoal Poultry Jute Half Rug
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Burgundy/Tan Braided Coaster

Burgundy/Tan Braided Coaster
Item: G01167
6/Set, Farmhouse Jute Coasters, 4"

*6/Set, Farmhouse Jute Coasters, 4"
Item: G30579
Braided Ebony Coaster

Braided Ebony Coaster
Item: G01577
6/Set, Farmhouse Star Jute Coasters, 4"

6/Set, Farmhouse Star Jute Coasters, 4"
Item: G30580

2/Set, Sawyer Mill Charcoal Cow Button Loop Kitchen Towels
Item: G45803
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