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Hydrangea Pick, 9", Cream

Item: FLA8407CM
Price: $ 4.19
Adding this Hydrangea Pick to your floral center piece would add a great touch of cream to your other bright flowers. The hydrangeas are a cream color with vibrant green leaves. This pick measures  9” high.

Teastain Hydrangea Garland

*Teastain Hydrangea Garland
Item: FISB57611
Teastain Hydrangea Pick

Teastain Hydrangea Pick
Item: FISB57615
Teastain Hydrangea Wreath

Teastain Hydrangea Wreath
Item: FISB57610
Sale $32.39

Teastain Hydrangea Wreath
Item: FISB57612
Sale $11.49

So Many Blessings Framed Sign
Item: G34336K

Seagrass Glass Bottle - 5.5"
Item: GQ16235

Elena Basket, 15.5"
Item: GYL1305

Dream Weaver Bush, 24"
Item: FBR2342

Framed Basketweave Wall Art (Wreath Holder)
Item: G34623
Sale $31.19

Dream Weaver Wreath, 24"
Item: FBR2345
Sale $35.49

Wire Birdcage with Jute and Cement Plant Holder, Medium
Item: GQX18209B

Potted Boxwood Ball, 6.5"
Item: F170502

*Circle of Love Easel
Item: G34301
Sale $9.50

Pixieflower Bush, Cream, 14"
Item: FFG9414CM

White Enamel Pitcher
Item: G26262W

Packsville Rose Short Runner
Item: GAQ87SR
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