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*Resin Wreath Candle Holder

Item: G12232
Retail: $ 16.49
Sale: $ 10.99
Add a little green touch with our Resin Wreath Candle Holder. It is a resin pillar or jar candle holder. Holder is crafted to look like a ring of foliage in natural shades of green, with pretty blue flowers tucked in sporadically. Pair with one of our 26-ounce Crossroads candles for a complete look. Holder measures 6" in diameter by ¾” high and will fit a candle up to 4 ½" in diameter.


9-1/2" Metal Candle Tray
Item: GE65034

Copper Plate, 6"
Item: GM9307
Sweet Pear Crisp Jar Candle, 26oz

Sweet Pear Crisp Jar Candle, 26oz
Item: G10304
5" Enamel Candle Pan

*5" Enamel Candle Pan
Item: GM8120
Tin Candle Pan, 4"

Tin Candle Pan, 4"
Item: G45TP

White Pedestal Pillar Holder, 13"
Item: GTMX89054

*Together We Make One Beautiful Family Candle Jar Lid
Item: G12172
Sale $5.99
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