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*Cement Votive Holder

Item: G84665
Retail: $ 6.99
Sale: $ 2.99
Let the ageless look of cement take centerstage in your decor! A perfect addition to any farmhouse, this votive holder stands 4½” high by 3” in diameter with a glass basin at its center. The textured, gray look makes this votive holder versatile, so you can place it on your dining table or mix it up on a shelf among your favorite display items!

Please note: votive candle pictured sold separately.


*2/PK LED Votive, White
Item: G75666
Sale $1.99

Cement Look Timer Pillar, 2.25"x4"
Item: G84630

Cement Look Timer Taper, 6"
Item: G84632

Cement Look Timer Pillar, 2.5" x 4"
Item: G84668
Everlasting Votive Candle

Everlasting Votive Candle
Item: G25812
Ivory Mini Dripped Timer Votive

Ivory Mini Dripped Timer Votive
Item: G84373
Sweet Pear Crisp Votive Candle

*Sweet Pear Crisp Votive Candle
Burnt Ivory Mini Drip Timer Pillar, 2.5"

2.5" Mini Burnt Ivory Drip Timer Pillar
Item: G84377
LED Votive - Burnt Ivory

Burnt Ivory LED Votive
Item: G84048

Cement Taper Holder
Item: G13107
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