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Rusty & Black Fluted Candle Pan, 5"

Item: G9332CAB
Price: $ 3.09
Place your favorite candle in our Rusty and Black Fluted Candle Pan. This is a metal candle pan with a fluted edge and a dark brown, black speckled finish. Use for candles or place on an entry table for small pocket items. Pan has a 5" diameter.


Rusty & Black Finish Star Candle Pan, 6"
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Rusty & Black Finish Fluted Candle Pan, 3-1/2"
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Rust & Black Finish Fluted Candle Pan, 4.5"
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4.5" Burnt  Ivory Timer Pillar

4.5" Burnt Ivory Timer Pillar
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Burnt Ivory Drip Pillar, 6"

6" Burnt Ivory Drip Pillar
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Star Timer Pillar, 4.5"

4.5" Burnt Ivory Star Timer Pillar
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Tin Candle Pan - 8"

Tin Candle Pan - 8"
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Ivory Remote Pillar, 6"

6" Ivory Remote Pillar
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Fall Berry Cluster Wreath - 6-1/2"

Fall Berry Cluster Wreath
Item: FBR58233
Ivory Pip & Star Ring, 2"

Pip Berry Ring With Stars, Ivory, 2"
Item: FT1039I
Lemon Beauty Hanging Bush

Lemon Beauty Hanging Bush
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5/Set, Fuzzy Bees

5/Set, Fuzzy Bees
Item: GPD14
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