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Pip Garland,  Coffee Bean

Pip Garland, Coffee Bean

Item: FT087CB
Price: $ 29.69
The neutral colors of the Coffee Bean Pip Berry Garland is gorgeous with rustic decorations. It features brown, soft green, and ivory pip berries on poseable brown wire-wrapped stems. It measures 4 feet long and looks great atop fireplace mantels and as a table decoration.

Pip Berry Pick - Coffee Bean

Pip Berry Pick, Coffee Bean Mix, 12"
Item: FT652CB
Coffee Bean Pip & Star Garland

Pip Berry Garland With Stars, Coffee Bean Mix, 40"
Item: FT2979CB
1.5"  Coffee Bean Pip Ring

1.5" Mini Coffee Bean Pip Ring
Item: FT2600CB
1" Coffee Bean Mini Pip Ring

Mini Pip Berry Ring, Coffee Bean Mix, 1"
Item: FISB83600CB
Single Iron Taper Holder

Single Iron Taper Holder
Item: G46237
4" Cinn Timer Taper

4" Burnt Mustard Timer Taper
Item: G84034
6" Burnt Mustard Timer Taper

6" Burnt Mustard Timer Taper
Item: G84022

Family Framed Sign With Picture Frame, 12x24
Item: G13410
4" Burnt Ivory LED  Taper

4" Burnt Ivory LED Taper
Item: G84019
Burnt Ivory LED Taper, 6"

6" Burnt Ivory LED Taper
Item: G84001
Circle Taper Holder - Black

Circle Taper Holder - Black
Item: G46334
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