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Cream Urn, 3"

Item: GHM5061
Price: $ 7.99
Our beautiful and rustic Cream Urn is sure to add a special touch to your decor, with it's antique and vintage look! The cream metal vase has a chippy and distressed finish with a delicate scalloped edge that will look lovely on your hutch or countertop.  It can be used as a flower holder, to hold an LED pillar, collectibles and more!  We added a 6" Half Sphere of New England Boxwood to ours for a touch of elegance. It is 3" high by 4¾" wide.


Maidenhair Fern Half Sphere, 6"
Item: FV981038LTG

Cream Urn, 4"
Item: GHM5059

New England Boxwood Half Sphere, 6"
Item: FXP78278

Lath Dough Tray
Item: G18133
Burnt Ivory Honeycomb Timer Pillar

Burnt Ivory Honeycomb Timer Pillar
Item: G84486

Resin Baby Bunny
Item: GPR8764

New England Boxwood Candle Ring, 2"/6"
Item: FXP78275
Baby Grass Table Piece

Baby's Grass Table Piece
Item: FV97983LG
Slender Tan Flicker, 6"

Slender Tan Flicker Candle, 6"
Item: GTLA74203TA6T
Metal Flower Container

Metal Flower Container
Item: GHM3017
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