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12/Set, Pastel Easter Eggs, 2"

Item: G2394920
Price: $ 6.99
Our 2" Pastel Easter Eggs will allow you to add touches of spring color anywhere in your home!  They will look cute in a small bucket or in a bowl. The lightweight speckled eggs come in an assortment of pastel colors in a mesh bag.  There are 12 foam eggs per set and they are each 2" high. 

Grassy Pastel Pip Ring, 6-1/2"

Grassy Pastel Pip Ring, 6-1/2"
Item: FISB81812

24/Set, Cream Speckled Eggs
Item: FBR36135
24/Set, Brown Speckled Eggs

24/Set, Mixed Brown Speckled Eggs
Item: FBR36133
Galvanized Egg Basket, 7.5"

Galvanized Egg Basket, 7.5"
Item: G9217SGB
Treenware Egg

Treenware Egg
Item: GH10042
White Resin Egg

White Resin Egg - Sold Individually
Item: GH10171
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