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Light Green Peppergrass Bush, 19"

Item: FV90172LG
Price: $ 4.39
Peppergrass is one of our most popular florals! Perfect for draping in baskets, mantles and shelves, it adds color and texture to any arrangement. This Light Green Peppergrass Bush has trailing branches for a waterfall effect. The 19" bush has small rounded leaves in variegated shades of green for a natural look.

Light Green Peppergrass Ring, 10"

Baby's Grass Ring, 10" Light green
Item: F90173LG
Green Peppergrass Spray, 14"

Baby's Grass Spray, 14" Green
Item: F90171LG
Peppergrass Spray Med. Green, 14"

Baby's Grass Spray Med. Green, 14"
Item: F90171GN

Pink Rosebud Bush, 18"
Item: FISB64985
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